Creative Outdoor Structures.   Custom Decks, Treehouse's, Greenhouses etc.
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Expand your living space outside! Give your existing deck an upgrade.  Create a new deck perfect for your space.  Grow your food in your own greenhouse.  Provide hours of entertainment for your kids in their very own tree house.  Be unique.  Think big.  Whatever it is, do something to make you fall in love with your own yard and spend more time outside!
" I have had the opportunity to utilize Ian on a couple of back deck projects.  As a result of the quality work and communication of the first project, Ian became our go to person for all of our deck building and maintenance needs.  I used to always get 3 quotes on all projects but not anymore.  His attention to quality and ability to understand our vision - not only from the initial design ideas but how you really want to utilize the space, is a much welcomed experience.  The solid cost estimates and agreed final pricing is also very much appreciated.  I have and will continue to recommend and utilize Ian when it comes to our deck and outdoor projects."  
Darryl Harris, Burlington, ON
" I recently called Ian to come out and have a look at my old deck.  It was on its last legs and in serious need of attention.  We discussed my options and together redesigned the space to better suit mine and my family's needs.  He took care of everything and with great attention to detail.  I now have a gorgeous new deck without having to start from scratch before spring is here.  I couldn't be happier!  
Andrew Rymes, Burlington, ON
" We used Ian and his talents recently to help us with one of our rental properties.  Our tenants were feeling anxious about their old deck as their toddler wanted to play outside, and wanted it completely replaced.  We knew that it needed some updating but didn't want to shoulder the cost of replacing the entire deck.  Ian came in and assessed the deck, replaced unsafe areas and built a new to-code staircase in a short amount of time and for a cost far below what we would be looking at to rebuild.  Our tenants are also thrilled with the result  as they have a safe and functional deck for their family to enjoy!  A win:win situation!        
 Mike Wilgar, Dundas,ON
​outdoor lifestyle solutions
what brings you outside?
  1. handcrafted decks
    Do you have an existing deck that doesn't fulfil you anymore? It can make you happy again! Share your vision, whether it is for family space, entertaining or simply a place to relax. You can leverage what you have, make it look brand new and have it be what you need, for a lot less money and time. Do you have an untouched yard? Do you have a vision of what it could be? A custom, handcrafted deck can turn your space into the most used and loved room of your house! Either way, have Ian over for a visit to discuss the vision, review you options and create a deck that keeps you outside!
  2. urban greenhouses
    Do you already have a small garden outside and want more? Do you love the idea of growing your own food but haven't started? With seasons like ours, a greenhouse can prolong and protect your harvest and it is possible to do in an urban setting. Custom urban greenhouses built to fit your space, with a variety of options for building material. Be creative. Use sustainable methods. Have Ian over to discuss the endless possibilities and plan, so you can have your very own greenhouse and enjoy the healthy food you grow!
  3. playful tree houses
    Did you always want a tree house of your own as a kid? Or did you have one and it is one of your favorite childhood memories? Either way, wouldn't it be amazing to spoil your kids with one of their very own? Do you have a tree in your backyard asking to be a part of a house? Big, small, simple, creative: a tree house can look like anything and provide hours of independent play for your children and their friends, while being outside. As the saying goes, kids need nature and nature needs kids. Give your kids a reason to be outside with nature!
​Check out these ideas!
​Check out these ideas!
​Check out these ideas!
​meet Ian
He has a passion for what he does!  He is creative, hands-on, hard working, personable and committed!  He loves working outdoors.  He will take your vision and turn it into reality.  He will turn your yard into additional living space!

Ian has been building outdoor structures for over 15 years.  He spent over 5 years building decks and houses professionally once he graduated university.  He then spent over 10 years as a sales professional in the construction industry.  During these years he continued his passion as a hobby building outdoor spaces for his own houses and for friends and family, as well as building custom furniture, often out of reclaimed materials.
Now it is time to return to his roots and his real passion. Combining his outdoor space design and building skills with his business acumen, Ian has started his own company Your life Outside.  Your life Outside is dedicated to being customer focused, creative and a sustainable business.  He is excited and committed to creating outdoor spaces that you and your family will love and utilize regularly.

Follow Ian on Pinterest @idmacrae to see what inspires him and to inspire yourself with ideas for your outdoor space!